Success Stories

Here is what Success looks like with
Max Health Weight Loss Programs

Kim and steve

“I felt very slow, tired, weak. Thanks to the program, I have a lot more energy, I feel better, and I sleep better.”
– Steve

“I did not feel healthy at all. I was very run down. I am more vibrant, I have more energy, I feel more alive, I have more self confidence. I feel great.”
– Kim

Linda S.

“Jen is fantastic! My daughter lost 55 pounds so far in 3 months with Jen’s healthy and special program. I myself will probably go back and try it as well. Jen really listens to what’s important to you and really listens to what your goals are.”


“I worked with Jen on my weight loss journey. I lost 45 pounds in 60 days. I first thought this was just another B.S. Program until I tried it. I feel better and have more energy than I’ve had in 10 years. No more joint pain. No more blood pressure medicine. No more energy drinks. I’ve been eating clean. I would recomend this program to anyone very easy to follow. I’ve tried other programs in the past with no success. The Max Health program is easy to follow and it works. Thanks Jen and Max Health for your help.”








JOhn h.

John lost 100lbs!

“I’ve been able to get off all my medications. I’ve been able to have so much more energy all day long. I’ve been able to sleep at night.” 

Skot F.

“What was important to me was finding a low-cost program that works if you travel a lot and is easy to follow. I stay in hotels frequently so finding a program that works with traveling is important to me. This did. If you follow the program you will succeed and you won’t be hungry it’s that simple. If you feel it’s because you didn’t follow the program! No more needs to be said ”

Nikki B.

“Fantastic staff, proven results. The program is designed to be effective – it’s not always easy, but the results are so worth it. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to make this commitment – your health is worth it!”