Fit Scan 3D

About Fit Scan 3D

With the Fit Scan, you can see hundreds of different measurements, tracking your full body progress over time. These measurements include more than just inches, weight and height! You get an entire detailed 3D view. Over time these results will help you accurately understand if you’re making strides toward your wellness goals. We use these results as a guide for your healthy lifestyle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Technology Does the Fit Scan Use? Is it X-ray?

No, The Fit Scan uses non-invasive, near-infrared light to produce incredibly accurate and consistent imaging.

What Is the Scan Process Like?

The entire process begins with stepping onto our 3D body scanning platform, grabbing onto the handles, and standing as still as you can for about 40 seconds. The platform will rotate as the sensor moves up and down, scanning every inch of your body to get the most accurate results. In less than a minute, the Fit3D Proscanner will extract more than 400 measurements including circumferences, heights, lengths, widths,
volumes, and surface areas from your entire body. The most important of these
measurements are mapped onto a 3D image and can be used in wellness assessments
to show progress and analyze what needs improvement.

How Do I See My Scan Results?

A comprehensive report is emailed to you within 5 to 10 minutes of scan completion.

Who Will See My Scans?

Your Fit Scan can be private. You can choose to invite your health coach to see only
your measurements or your images as well.

How Often Should I Do a Fit Scan?

If you are in the middle of an active Weight Loss Program, we recommend a scan
every two weeks. Once you have completed a Weight Loss Program, we recommend either monthly or every other month.

Why Would I Want Repeat Scans?

From losing weight to building muscle the 3D scans can tell you how your body is
changing with your fitness routine and will help you see progress right before your
eyes! Being able to compare scans over time as well as being able to track detailed summaries of your health progress is extremely beneficial to staying on track.